Autumn Brown – 4 Size / 20m2 Project Pack (CALIBRATED GRADE)

Autumn Brown – 4 Size / 20m2 Project Pack (CALIBRATED GRADE)

£29 per m2 ex VAT

(Excl. tax)

Autumn Brown – 4 Size / 20m2 Project Pack

£28 per m2 ex VAT   or…

£560 per pack ex VAT
including FREE delivery



Our range of Indian Stone Calibrated Paving has the underside of the slab shaved by machine to a specific thickness, usually 22mm to give an even uniform finish. Some slabs are calibrated to 25mm or 30mm thickness too.

Paving ETC Calibrated Range can be used internally and for design projects where the flooring continues from inside to out.

This uniformity can make laying the slabs quicker, but Calibrated paving is not recommended for driveways unless it’s laid on a full bed of thick wet concrete.

Please be aware that some suppliers will recommend this grade of paving for use in driveway situations so that they can meet a price point. At Paving ETC, we know we have the best prices available so we don’t need to mislead.

Available in a wide range of great colours and sizes to suit the most discerning of design briefs.



AUTUMN BROWN Indian Stone paving is a classic, discreet product and one of our most popular sellers.

Its understated colour lends itself to most locations blending in and adding warmth with its varied and subtle brown tones.

The Indian Stone Calibrated version has the underside machine cut to a calibrated thickness of approximately 22mm to give a uniform thickness.

This option is supplied in 20m2 crates with 4 mixed sizes in a crate – see details below:

4 size project pack – 20m2 per pack

£28 per m2 = £560 per pack plus VAT


£33.60 per m2  = £672 per pack including VAT

The 4 size mixed project pack contains the following sizes and quantities:
17 @ 900mm x 600mm
17 @ 600mm x 600mm
16 @ 600mm x 290mm
14 @ 290mm x 290mm

Prices include delivery to most areas of the UK.