Fossil Buff – 900mm x 600mm Single Size / 19m2 Pack (Sandblasted)

Fossil Buff – 900mm x 600mm Single Size / 19m2 Pack (Sandblasted)

£29 per m2 ex VAT

(Excl. tax)

Fossil Buff (Shotblasted) – 900mm x 600mm Single Size / 19m2 Pack

£29 per m2 ex VAT or…

£551 per pack ex VAT
including FREE delivery



Our Sandblasted Indian Stone imparts an impression of quality and luxury which only the finest natural stone can deliver.

Sandblasting a creation as lovely as our Indian Stone produces something different from the usual.

It adds an exotic and authentic foreign air, redolent of the Mediterranean or Middle East. At the same time communicating an ageless and timeless look and feel’ at once luxurious and yet relaxing.

Paving ETC Sandblasted Indian Stone enhances any location or use adding subtlety, calm and natural beauty to any setting.

Like all our ranges, we offer only the finest, natural products at the best prices to be found anywhere.



Shotblasted FOSSIL BUFF paving is a stunning Indian Stone product and which can add an exotic, finish to any setting for discerning customers looking for something a little bit different. Its appearance has an overseas, foreign climes look which is at once inviting and intriguing

Fossil Buff is a delicate and refined mix of hues with a predominance of yellows, browns and creams. Its mix of shades makes it ideal for use in any setting from patios to pathways.

This option has a shotblasted top surface and SAWN edges but the underside is calibrated so the thickness of all slabs is approximately 22mm. This process makes the laying of the paving much easier and quicker.

This option of Sandblasted Fossil Buff comes in a 900mm x 600mm single size / 19m2 pack:

£29 per m2 or £551 per pack ex VAT….. or £34.80 per m2 or £661.20 per pack inc VAT… with delivery included.

The single size pack contains the following sizes and quantities:

34 @ 900mm x 600mm

Prices include delivery to most areas of the UK

This stone is also sometimes referred to as Fossil Mint.